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About Us

      Our story

    As Gönültaş Textile we started our business in  1987 by purchasing textile machines. Since 2007, with our 2 brands

"Miss Primax" and "RG Kids Store", we have a great share in the market including 75% in abroad and 25% in domestic area. 

Gönültaş Textile has 30 point of sales in Turkey and 70 point of sales in abroad in order to meet its clothes with more than 6 million children.

Gönültaş textile exports it products to the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Azerbaijan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt Iran, Iraq, Germany, France, England and Greece.

Producing high quality kids wear for the kids all around the world.

Meeting the expectation of little boys and girls who follow fashion and wear elegant and be the favorite brand of all kids.

Our Certificate

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